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Oldsmobile Parts

Rust free sheet metal car parts, cylinder heads, intake and exhaust manifolds, 1930’s wheels, brake drums and parts, chrome and stainless trim and more for vintage, classic and antique automobiles and pickups.

Oldsmobile Doors

1937 Oldsmobile RF

1939 Oldsmobile RF

1939 Oldsmobile LR

1950 Oldsmobile LF

1950 Oldsmobile RF

1950 Oldsmobile RR

1951 Oldsmobile 88 RR


Oldsmobile Fenders

1937 Oldsmobile LF

1937 Oldsmobile RR

1938 Oldsmobile LR



Oldsmobile Hoods

1937 Oldsmobile

1940 Oldsmobile

1941 Oldsmobile

1947 Oldsmobile

1953 Oldsmobile  

Oldsmobile Deck Lids

1950 Oldsmobile 88

1957 Oldsmobile


Oldsmobile Misc.

1934 left hood to fender panel

1939 left hood to fender panel

1939 left headlight support

1953 core support

1953 front splash guard

1949 brake backing plate

1953 lower hood latch support


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